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Thread: Ancient DNA from Romania

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    Ancient DNA from Romania

    Dem bones—Romanian version: a wish list of samples for ancient DNA research.

    We now have autosomal analyses for some ancient DNA samples from Romania, twelve in Mathieson 2018, and four more in Gonzales-Fortes 2017.
    That ‘s not much, but it’s a start.

    It would be nice to see research projects that systematically sample available remains from Romania up to the Medieval period. This would allow one to make inferences about population structure.

    What information is currently available that would help map out available remains?

    The following source is a handy reference work listing sites that have yielded remains from the Early Neolithic to the Middle Eneolithic:
    Cătălin Lazăr (ed.) 2012. The Catalogue of the Neolithic and Eneolithic Funerary Findings from Romania. (ISBN 978-606-537-135-4).

    It covers funerary finds up to the middle eneolithic, but does not include the transition period to the Bronze Age (Horodiştea-Folteşti-Cernavoda II, Coţofeni, Cernavoda III, Baden cultures.)

    There is no comparable catalog for the transition and later periods. And even for the earlier periods Lazăr’s compilation covers, there have been, in the meantime, more recent finds.

    To get more information, one will have to slog through thousands of records in the “Repertoriul Arheologic National,”

    When I have time, I hope to occasionally post what I find in this online collection. Anyone else is invited to pitch in. Lots of good stuff in there. Some reading knowledge of Romanian needed. Not hard for anyone familiar with Romance languages.

    One can always wish that someone will develop a long-range research program that will help shed some light on population patterns in this part of Southeastern Europe.

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