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Thread: Epicanthic fold in North Western European

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverman View Post
    Thank you, my father has this EDAR mutation on Your DNA Portal and he has really stiff hair
    Alain Dad
    Y-DNA R1a-Y33 Eastern Corderd Ware Culture Baltoslavic/ old Pruzzen
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    Polish: 27.8%
    German: 21.9%
    Greek_Central_Macedonia: 20.0%
    Italian_Bergamo: 17.4%
    Russian_Voronez: 10.4%
    Mari: 2%
    Moldovan: 0.2%
    Italian_Northeast: 0.2%
    Other: 0.1%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverman View Post
    Actually its better to explain the thick straight hair of East Asians by simply looking at the cross section of the different hair types:
    Is there also a reason why Caucasians would have more strands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davit View Post
    Is there also a reason why Caucasians would have more strands?
    I can just say its genetic and there is also a difference between blondes and various dark hairs. Blondes have usually finer and more hair per inch, while thicker, coarser hair is more common in specific West Eurasian populations. Usually those which are generally more hairy, like around the Caucasus and Iran, or with respective ancestry from these groups (Iranian Neolithic ancestry).

    Minar explains that your hair color signifies how many strands you have on your head at any given time. For example, Asian and African American women, who tend to have black hair, have on average 60,000 strands at a time. Women with blond hair, on the other hand, have on average 450,000. Red and brunette hair falls somewhere in between. The lighter the hair, the more strand
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