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"Our data show that a variant in EDAR that affects tooth shape, hair follicles and thickness, sweat, and mammary gland ductal branching and that occurs at nearly 100%
frequency in present day Native Americans and East Asians
(Kamberov et al., 2013) was not fixed in USR1, Anzick-1, a
Brazil_LapaDoSanto_9600BP individual and a Brazil_Laranjal_
6700BP individual, all of whom carry the ancestral allele
(Table S7)."

Anzick-1 indeed was not fixed for EDAR, but heterogenous.
"USR1 was heterozygous for the EDAR mutation. Anzick 1 was also heterozygous for it ... all pure modern Amerindian populations are fixed or close to being fixed for the mutation."
It is very interesting with Ancestral A and Ancestral B you can also establish a connection with languages ​​through the migration of the native peoples of America. Almost all languages ​​belong to the macro family "Amerid" only the Na-Dené languages ​​do not belong to it? that some indigenous tribes in Brazil have a genetic connection to the populations in the Pacific area (Papa New Guinea), early contacts or was there a population in the Amazon basin before the "natives"?