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Thread: Ancient I-M253 samples list

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    Ancient I-M253 samples list

    I'm hoping that a few people here are interested in ancient I1 results. The latest Germanic aDNA paper (behind a paywall at includes an elderly I1 male from Altenerding-Klettham in southern Germany. I haven't accessed the paper but assume this is the male aged 60+ from Altenerding-Klettham, buried with a spatha and other grave goods, who also features in the recent Bavaria elongated skulls paper (no Y DNA data released). We also had two I1 individuals in the recent Langobard study and I may have missed others...
    Has anyone here got an up-to-date list of ancient I1 samples, perhaps with subclades and other useful info? If someone has the data to kick things off, maybe we could post more results on this thread as they are published in future.
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