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Thread: Reliability of the X chromosome as IBD, as opposed to IBS

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    Mixed Euro/Near East

    Canada Franco-Manitoban European Union Ottoman Empire Russia Imperial United States Grand Union
    Hm. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps there may be no-calls for the child and homozygous non-matching calls for the mother (especially if they were tested on different platforms).

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    Other ancestral Y lines:

    E1b-M81 Ukraine (Ashkenazi)
    E1b-V13 England
    I1-M253 Ireland
    I2-M423 Ukraine
    R1a-L176.1 Scotland
    R1b-L584 Syria/Turkey (Sephardi)
    R1b-L20 Ireland
    R1b-L21 (1)England; (2)Wales?>Connecticut
    R1b-L48 England
    R1b-P312 Scotland
    R1b-FGC32576 Ireland

    Other ancestral mtDNA lines:

    H1b2a Ukraine (Ashkenazi)
    H6a1a3 Ukraine
    K1a9 Belarus (Ashkenazi)
    K1c2 Ireland
    V7a Ukraine

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    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    (U.S.) American
    R-L1029* or R-YP619

    United Kingdom Germany Bayern Catalonia France Ireland Switzerland
    I ended up comparing my sister's and daughter's matches X chromosome matches at FTDNA, which allows a lower matching threshold than 23andMe.

    Sure enough, the segment which shows up for my sister and me but not my sister and my daughter at 23andMe, did show up for my sister and my daughter at FTDNA. All three of the shared segments show up as slightly longer between my sister and my daughter than for my sister and me. Clearly, there is a bit of false matching based on the fact that each of them has a second X chromosome. It's a difference of between 1-2 cM for each segment.

    In addition, FTDNA actually shows a fourth matching segment between my sister and my daughter. This is reportedly 6.6 cM in length, but it cannot be real because I don't have the matching segment. (And my wife and my sister don't match here -- or anywhere -- either.)
    Besides British-German-Catalan, ancestry includes smaller amounts of French, Irish, Swiss, Choctaw & prob. Cherokee. Avatar picture is: my father, his father, & his father's father; baby is my eldest brother.

    FTDNA shows my hap as R-L1029. From Big Y test I am YP619+ but YP444-. FTDNA & others currently show these SNPs on same level, but it is possible YP444 should be below YP619. If so, my Y hap is R-YP619*.


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