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    The hajji firuz site is known for having well preserved archaeological layers on the grave-side of the burial mound.
    The R1b-M269 guy was found in the 'sub'-grave 'K10', which lied buried neatly under well documented layers we can date by looking at pottery and other finds in those layers.
    Besides, his grave lied in the same burial mound as graves 'F10' and 'F11', which were the graves with the J2b samples(and those 2 are C14 dated)

    Of course C14 would be a plus, but chances that the current dating is false are low, close to 0%. Unless the april fools factor plays in of course.
    The chances are pretty good that this is an Iron Age sample, since it's the only one of the Hajji Firuz samples that wasn't C14 dated, and it just happens to have the same Y-hg as an Iron Age sample from a few miles away: Iran_IA F38.

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