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Thread: R-L2

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    Ha! My closest match from before modern times is from the paper 'Low-pass DNA sequencing of 1200 Sardinians reconstructs European Y-chromosome phylogeny" by Francalacci P, et al. He's from Cagliari, Sardinia (another white spot in your Italy/L2 map) and is L2 > A6454 > BY4240. I wonder how long his family has been there?

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    Could someone please advise me how I determine genetic distance between R-A14635 and R-Y146179?

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    Hello my R-L2 cousin. I've only very, very recently started to understand this DNA business due to some downtime. I may not have the right terminology and I will attempt to keep my info to what I know and not what I am guessing.

    I started with FTdna and have stayed with them therefore I do not know about 23andMe. What I have liked about FTdan is that you can take their Big-Y test that gets you deeper into you subclades. You can then upgrade in pieces so that getting new information does not dost and arm-and-leg. I have taken the Big-y 500 that, from the R-L2 position, I have found: R-L2 > R-FGC22501 > R-Y37744 > R-BY64614 > R-BY159214

    I believe their FamilyFinder tool came with it which is really nice. They have also just upgraded the site with their Big-Y Block Tree tool which has helped me understand a great deal more. Honestly it has taken me about a year to get hold of all the information and understand it but this would change per person. The Forums this gives you access too are great. Those in the forums are very helpful and I've found a couple distant cousins via the forums.

    FTdna also comes with their FamilyTree Builder software that works like I have accounts with both and do see somethings coming up in one versus the other but this is not often. They use the DNA database to give you DNA clues to people in your tree. Together, I've found FTdna great (and no, I am a paying customer who is not connected with FTdna in any other way.

    By the way - any one sees a match to our DNA strings at the R-FGC22501 sub-clad or deeper and you have a paternal RHODES in England, please, please contat me!

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