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Thread: Native American in a Finn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Messier 67 View Post
    I am not saying they were wiped out in all of Europe, "but the Gs and Is (and to a lesser extent Js) of Europe were removed from the gene pool as R1s advanced in Europe from Eastern Europe to Western Europe."

    Areas that were not effected by the proto-Celts and proto-Slavs did not cease to exist.
    Both are everywhere
    Eupedia's map of yDNA G
    Eupedia's map of yDNA I1
    Eupedia's map of yDNA I2
    The Balkans are a hotbed of I2s and all of them speak IE languages, mostly Slavic.
    Quote Originally Posted by eupedia
    Haplogroup I2 is the most common paternal lineage in former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Sardinia, and a major lineage in most Slavic countries. Its maximum frequencies are observed in Bosnia (55%, including 71% in Bosnian Croats), Sardinia (39.5%), Croatia (38%), Serbia (33%), Montenegro (31%), Romania (28%), Moldova (24%), Macedonia (24%), Slovenia (22%), Bulgaria (22%), Belarus (18.5%), Hungary (18%), Slovakia (17.5%), Ukraine (13.5%), and Albania (13.5%). It is found at a frequency of 5 to 10% in Germanic countries.
    This conversation is pointless, I'm done here.
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