Poll: R-Y22189. When did they arrive in Lebanon?

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Thread: L2> BY3504> BY3485> Y22189: Romans, Crusaders or Genoese in Lebanon?

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    L2> BY3504> BY3485> Y22189: Romans, Crusaders or Genoese in Lebanon?

    A new member was added to my Haplogroup YTree v6.02 at 02 April 2018.
    This member is named by YFull as ERS1789481: https://www.ebi.ac.uk/ena/data/view/ERS1789481
    Your id in the original studio is: GRC15560111

    And it turns out that it's Druze. (see S7)

    Studio: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-14761-7
    S7: https://www.nature.com/articles/s415...14761-7#MOESM1


    YF08653 and ERS1789481 are different samples, and both are Druze.

    Question: If we base that BY3504 or R-Y20253 are from Northern Italy, maybe Ligurians. At what point in history do you see the likelihood that the ancestors of YF08653 and ERS1789481 arrived in Lebanon? Romans, Crusaders or Genoese?
    Paternal: R1b-U152+ L2+ BY4245+ BY3485+ BY3478+ , Giovanni Domenicus Rabai, b. 1609, Savona, Italy
    Maternal: Haplogroup H65, María García Martínez, b. 1746, Cuenca, Spain

    Manuel David Rabaez 1974, Manuel Rabaez 1948, Manuel Rabaez 1912, Antonio Rabay 1868, Antonio Rabay 1833, Manuel Rabay 1791, Manuel Rabay 1764, Pedro Rabai 1727, Pedro Joseph Rabai 1691, Giovanni Battista Rabai 1647, Jo. Domenicus Rabai 1609, Pietrus Rabai (work in progress...)

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