Hi guys,

First of all, this is a great forum, i learned a lot but maybe too much information for a newbie like me!

I ran a genetic test on 23andme, and found out that :
- My Paternal Haplogroup : E-M5021 (a sub group of M215?) : I couln't find much online, and on the several forums I heard different comments (maybe it's V13, or sth else).
- My Maternal Haplogroup is : J2b1

I don't know my mum's family background or history, but my dad's family say that they belong to a Sahara Tribe (North Africa morocco, that came originally from Yemen (South West Asia)).

Any useful insights? interesting links or information?

Oh i also uploaded my data on GedMatch, i am basically (depending on models) : 50 to 60% North African, 20 to 30% West African/South West Asia (around southern egypt/ethopia/somalia/Yemen probably).

Thank you guys !