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Thread: How common is West Asian and South Asian DNA in North West Europeans?

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    How common is West Asian and South Asian DNA in North West Europeans?

    On GEDmatch Eurogenes calculator I score 1.66% south Asian and almost 10% West Asian. My known ancestry is North West European. Are the Asian components ancient gene flow or am I likely to have an Asian ancestor somewhere back in the family tree?

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    Here you go

    As you can see, Swedish and Irish score around 5-6% West Asian, it's not 10%, but close. Norwegians and Danish score about the same South Asian as you.

    You have to be careful with GEDMATCH calculators, they are a mix of ancient and modern components, and can be misleading. For example, I have 3% Red Sea, which most likely comes from my Southern German ancestry. Just the ancient migration of farmers across Europe, not from an actual Arabian ancestor in my family tree.
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