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    mostly agree but I would replace paniya with irula even though Irula is more caste Dravidian like as Paniya has an excess AA(SE Asian) signal. But I wonder whether that is due to specific Onge/Hoab affinity or something, not sure.

    Some NWers may also require excess Iran_N without the AASI that Velamas may not be able to provide. Maybe SiS2 + SI tribal combo would do better. Velama also seems to have some IA admixture over the SIS3-ness.

    Onge does have some pseudo-west eurasian affinities, indeed. As I had said earlier Onge is actually incrimentally closer to Villabruna/WHG than Paniya is, oddly enough. Possibly due to Iran_N in Paniya(distance between IranN and WHG is almost as much as the distance bw Europeans and East Asians)

    "Ganj_Dareh_N:undefined: 0.00000",
    "Levant_N:undefined: 36.26026",
    "Barcin_N:undefined: 37.15023",
    "EHG:undefined: 39.95614",
    "WHG:undefined: 55.46670"

    "sample": "Test1:Czech",
    "fit": 60.6826,
    "Japanese": 100,
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