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Thread: Global25 automated nMonte for South/Central Asian members

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    Quote Originally Posted by agent_lime View Post
    Poi I have one for Pashtuns for your custom calculator, I am able to model them pretty well with this combination. I don't know how much sense this makes(since I am a noob)-

    Simulated_AASI +Sintashta_MLBA +Tepe_Hissar_ChL +Udegram_IA + Han
    Pegasus is our resident expert in all things NW... as far as components, there will be overlaps between Sintashta and Udegram, given Udegram does have Steppe. Other components look right and relevant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Censored View Post
    I noticed these SC Asian groups like Pashtuns, Tajiks, Brusho, Kalash are all able to get really close fits using ancients. I get one of the best fits consistently but it's still not as good as these people. And some other users have way worse fits than I do. It's cause we are still using ballpark ancient samples and not groups that are directly relevant to us. For that we need Indus Valley and AASI hunter gatherers. Once that happens, our proportions may also change as well.
    Agent Lime is basically 93-95% Udegram IA , others in his community , even more so. His portions won't change much if at all. If anything Udegram is extremely relevant for his ethnic group , I mean when you have that much that continuity after 3100-3500 years thats quite rare. More Steppe rich groups will likely be found in Timergara, they are the ones who spread Indo Aryan culture first in these parts.
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