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    Quote Originally Posted by pegasus View Post
    They have 8-15% MLBA Steppe ancestry . There is a misconception that Sindhis have elevated Steppe, but the core population has similar levels as Baloch if not less. Those HGDP Sindhis are not the norm.
    Yes its definitely not the only vector, its blatantly obvious from the samples modeled recently.
    This is a very intriguing stuff. I remember learning from other people that the Baloch and Brahui have very little to almost zero Steppe ancestry. Now I wonder are they wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsakhur View Post
    This is a very intriguing stuff. I remember learning from other people that the Baloch and Brahui have very little to almost zero Steppe ancestry. Now I wonder are they wrong?
    Unless there's some cryptic ancestry that resembles at least one of the constituent components of MLBA steppe (something resembling EHG or ANF), it seems to be so, yes.

    The Baloch and Brahui look low in steppe-related ancestry in modern ADMIXTURE-based models. If you check the Dodecad project's K12b, the Baloch are 2.3% North European. Similarly, the Behar Iranians are around 4%. We now know these values substantially underestimate the inferred proportions when ancients are used (even in ADMIXTURE). I suspect the others who gave you that information are relying on outdated outputs (Harappa, K12b).

    Another tendency people seem to have is to take these outputs as definitive, when they should be treated as provisional results that require corroboration through other techniques. Even with the sensible-seeming results I post, they shouldn't be viewed as the "final say".

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmoney View Post
    ANE is Eurasian IMO, given its 25% exclusively Eastern Eurasian related adna (Tianyuan), and that it peaks in the Karitiana and Siberians and not modern West Eurasians
    Iranian_Neolithic and CHG were almost half ANE. Both are classified West Eurasian. The people you mentioned also have a lot of other East Eurasian admixture (thatís what makes them Eurasian). I think ANE is West or East Eurasian depending on the group youíre looking at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmoney View Post
    By what definition would you call the 75% non-Tianyuan adna 'West Eurasian'. Youre implying the ANE found in East/South Eurasia and Siberia (majority of ANE adna today is in this part of Eurasia) came via Europe?

    Some ANE adna did, no doubt, via Steppe migrations but this is likely to be a minority of the total ANE adna for most of East Eurasia
    Even in Kartiana it's 41%, with rest being pure east eurasian. I'd say it's too archaic to be even put into West or East Eurasian categories. Some east europeans carry decent ANE and yet they don't show any east eurasian influence physically.
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