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Thread: Did Cheddar Man have neanderthal DNA?

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    Did Cheddar Man have neanderthal DNA?

    Does anyone have a link to the relevant info? Thanks

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    This is the paper

    Cheddar man will undoubtedly have Neanderthal dna and at a higher level than we have nowadays, in line with previous work. But it is no longer novel so does not get expressly mentioned.
    Image “Westray wifie” replica of Neolithic figurine Hidden Content
    Out of 64 pre 1800 births 45% Cheshire, 1% Irish (or Scottish), 25% south Derbyshire, 13% Burton on Trent area (where 4 counties within 10 miles), 7% Shropshire, 1% Staffs, 8% Lancs. So far all British Isles despite what some testing companies say.

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    I'd imagine so. All non-Africans/Eurasians have at-least 1-5% Neanderthal DNA segment from a time when Homo Sapiens migrated into the near-east. The Caucasus Mezmaiskaya Neanderthal remain the prime Neanderthal candidate for admixture rather other Neanderthal populations that had their DNA sequenced, such the Altai Neanderthal remains, which supports a breeding bottle neck event for Non-Africans (excluding Basal Eurasians). There is evidence that there was negative purifying selection for Neanderthal DNA segments, as Aurignacian aDNA such as Goyet Q116 and Kostenski 14 have longer Neanderthal DNA segments compared to Mesolithic Loschbour and La Bana aDNA. I remember hearing in a David Reich lecture that the Basal Eurasian component in the Anatolian_Neo in ENF were responsible for decreased Neanderthal admixture levels in modern Europeans, as well as a decreased affinity for upper Paleolithic remains such as Ust Ishim (where as WHG had a higher affinity).

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