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Thread: GeneU for WeGene, which shows Y haplogroup and surnames distributed around China

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    Exclamation GeneU for WeGene, which shows Y haplogroup and surnames distributed around China

    hi, here is an interesting GeneU tool which can show all Y haplogroup distribution in China and the most commonly used Chinese surnames of which Y haplogroups compose, and average ethnic group composition all over China.
    This utility has been verified by WeGene and can be accessed on WeGene website and these gene data are all originally from and can only be used for study without any commercial use. If anyone has suggestion about this, please contact me by Email.


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    Mehmet, for 23andme v5 customers that upload to WeGene, you guys are ignoring negative upstream SNPs and falsely placing customers in downstream SNPs. This is evident with customers that are negative for U152 but are still shown to be in the S47 subclade because of a false positive with all customers from 23andme v5 testing. Do a comparison of the results for all of the 23andme v5 customers that have uploaded and you will see they all have a genotype of T at position 14515040. Please fix this and inform the customers that were falsely placed into the subclade S47 that the 23andme v5 chip has everyone positive for that position and therefore the result is incorrect for people that are negative for U152 and even for some that are positive for U152.

    Thank you

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