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Thread: Copper Age / Chalcolithic DNA

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    60%<Germanic, 15%<Celtic
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b1a2a1a L11+
    mtDNA (M)
    H64 sub of H33

    Copper Age / Chalcolithic DNA

    Ubaid culture Tell Kurdu, Amuq Turkey 5,000-4,500bc mtDNA=2: H3a=2

    Wadi, Isreal
    Total mtDNA=4: H=3( H?=2,H6=1), U3a=1
    4,490-4,335bc mtDNA=1: U3a=1
    4,460-4,335bc mtDNA=1: H?=1
    4,240-4,065bc mtDNA=1: H6=1
    3,765-3,650bc mtDNA=1: H?=1

    Ust Tartas culture Russia 4,000-3,000bc mtDNA hg=17 U=6 (U2e=3, U5a1=2, U4=1), Z=4, C=4, A=2, D=2

    Funnel Beaker cultureGokhem, Swedan
    3,500-2,500bc mtDNA=3: T2b=1, H=1, J=1
    3,200-2,800bc mtDNA=1: H1=1
    total mtDNA=4: H=2(H1=1), T2b=1, J=1

    Otzie, Alps Italy 3,350-3,100bc Y DNA; G2a2a2 L91, mtDNA: K1f
    Cova da Moura Portugal 3,400bc mtDNA=5: H=2, X2b=1, U5 or HV2=1, H or U4(3,300bc)=1

    Ostrof Germany 3,200bc mtDNA=7:U5=3(U5a=1), T2e=1, K=1, J=1

    Paimogo, Portugal 3,000bc mtDNA=13: H=7, U=3(U4=1, U5b2*=1), H, HV* or RO=1, HV or L3*/N*=1, H or HV=1,

    Monte Canelas Portugal 3,000bc mtDNA=9: H=6, U5a1=1, H, HV*, or RO=1, H or V=1

    Corded ware culture Jagodno, Wroclaw Poland 2,800bc Y DNA=2: G?=1, I or J?=1

    Pico Ramos, Bizkaia Spain 2,790-2,100bc mtDNA=24: H=9, J=4, K=4, U=3, T or X=4

    Longar, Nafarroa Spain 2,580-2,450bc mtDNA=25: H=11, K=6, U=4, T or X=4

    Sao Paulo Portugal 2,500bc mtDNA=5: H=4, H, HV*, or RO=1

    Nerja, Málaga, Spain mtDNA=4: H=2(H14=1 2,240bc), H11a or L1b=1, R or H=1

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    60%<Germanic, 15%<Celtic
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b1a2a1a L11+
    mtDNA (M)
    H64 sub of H33

    Corded ware culture Germany
    Corded ware Germany total mtDNA hg=18: U=5(U5=4(U5a=3(U5a1=1)U5b=1), U4=1),H=4(H1_TB=1, H16a1a=1) J=2, X=2(X2=1), K=2(K1b=1), T2=1, W6=1, HV=1
    Quedlinburg, Germany 2,700-2,400bc mtDNA=1: H=1
    Esperstedt, Germany 2,700-2,400bc mtDNA=12: U=4(U5a=3(U5a1=1), U4=1), H=2(H6a1a=1), J=2, T2=1, W6=1, X=1, K=1
    Benzingerode-Heimburg, Germany 2,700-2,400bc mtDNA=1: H1_TB
    Alberstedt, Germany 2,700-2,400bc mtDNA=1:HVEulau, Germany 2,600bc mtDNA=3: K1b=1, X2=1, U5b=1,
    Y DNA=2:R1a1=2

    Corded ware Moosweg, Spreitenbach, Switzerland 4,500bc mtDNA hg=10: H=4(H11a=2) J=3(J1c=2, J2b1a=1), U2e1=1, T2b=1, K=1

    Bell Beaker culture Germany
    Total Bell Beaker Germany
    mtDNA=18: H=11 61.1%(H1=3(H1e7=1), H3=1 (H3b=1), H5a3=1, H13a1a2c=1,H4a1=1),U=2(U2e=1, U5a1=1), W5a=1, I1a1=1, K1=1, T1a=1, J=1 5.5%
    Kromsdorf, Germany 2,600bc mtDNA hg=6: U=2(U2e=1, U5a1=1), W5a=1, I1a1=1, K1=1, T1a=1
    Y DNA hg=2: R1b=2(R1b1a2 M269(XR1b1a2a1a1 S21/U106)
    Quedlinburg , Germany 2,500-2,050bc mtDNA hg=6: H=5(H4a1=2, H1=2, H13a1a2c=1), J=1
    Alberstedt,Germany 2,500-2,050bc mtDNA hg=2: H=2(H3b=1)
    Rothenschirmbach,Germany 2,500-2,050bc mtDNA hg=3: H=3(H5a3=2, H3=1)
    Benzingerode-Heimburg,Germany 2,500-2,050bc mtDNA hg=1: H1e7=

    Bell Beaker Damsbo Denmark 2,200bc mtDNA=2: U=2(U4=1, U5a2a=1)

    Tre Montes Navarra Spain 4,130bc mtDNA=4: L2=2, K or K=1, R or H?=1

    Castellon de la Plana, Spain no date mtDNA=11: H20? (reported as L3)=3, H or U=3, H or RO=2, D=1, V=1

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