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Thread: X-matching anomaly

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    X-matching anomaly

    Maybe someone can explain this to me ...

    I have three sisters -- Kim, Luci, and CJ. They, along with our brothers Bernie and Curt and myself, are full siblings.

    These sisters match our father and each other on the X chromosome, just as expected.

    Bern versus Kim, Luci, CJ, & Sarah.JPG

    Logically, both of Sarah's aunts should also match Sarah at the same location where they match our father and each other, but they don't.

    Sarah versus Kim, Luci, CJ, & Bern.JPG

    The only thing I can think of to account for this is the chip version for Sarah. For everyone else but Kim, it's v2-v3, and for Kim it's v3 only. Sarah is, of course, on v5.
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