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Thread: I2c2 .. some facts

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    If subclades from different haplogroups have the same distribution in the same ethnic groups, and roughly the same age, then most likely they share the same origin.

    so which subclades are similar to I2a2b(I2c2) ?

    the distribution is what I call "Byzantine", its silly I know, its just a Caucaso-Anatolian-Balkan kind of distribution.

    I'm certain of two subclades: R1b-L277 (Z2103 ---> Y4363) and E1b1b1-FGC18401 (M84 ---> FGC18401).

    R1b-L584 has the same distribution but is a bit older, there is another subclade of J2 (J-YP879) that I suspect should be added to my list, but I'm not sure if it has the same Balkan distribution.
    Yfull may not give the E subclade its proper distribution, the E-M35 project does a better job.
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