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Thread: Online U106 Tree

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    Online U106 Tree

    The R1b-U106 Haplogroup Project maintains a Google Docs U106 Tree at:

    This document has four tabs.
    1) The tree itself, listing the clades and individuals positive for each SNP
    2) Equivalent SNPs & Details noting the equivalent SNPs for each clade and what Labs test for each SNP
    3) Datasets a handful of datasets (Big Y results, Open Search, GoNL, and others) showing the percentages for each subclade
    4) Ancient & Medieval DNA samples documenting these results

    Additions & corrections (including additional samples, links, and corrections to GPS coordinates and likely Cultures associated with each sample) are welcome
    Gedmatch DNA: M032736 Gedcom: 6613110.
    Gedmatch Genesis: WH4547538
    co-administrator: Y-DNA R-U106 Haplogroup Project

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