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Thread: New blog featuring aDNA

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    To anybody who really understands all the data, and not just some output from formal stats, it should be obvious that the CHG-related ancestry on the steppe is very, very old there.

    The genetic drift shared by Yamnaya, Piedmont_Eneolithic and CHG is off the scale, which means that whatever went into the making of Piedmont_Eneolithic was hanging out somewhere close to that western part of the Caucasus for thousands of years.

    There's no way that there's any input from Central Asia in Piedmont_Eneolithic.
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    One of the reasons Central Asia might keep spuriously popping up in formal stats is because it mimics CHG on a global scale. Both are mostly Iran_N-like, with bits of ancestry related to Anatolia and EHG/ANE.
    If you need something just outside the Kotias-Satsurblia clade (which we do for steppe populations) and you can't use a ghost, you start with CHG and then artificially nudge the affinity down a bit with a globally very similar population, Central Asian Neolithic.
    To kind of add to/reiterate what General said, it's essential to understand any given piece of data in the context of all the other pieces of data.
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