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Thread: Heatmaps for I2a1 subclades

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    Croatian (NW)
    Y-DNA (P)
    I2a1a2b (Y5596>A815)

    Croatia Austrian Empire Slovenia
    Quote Originally Posted by Judith View Post
    I loved your tree and migration map. Do you have a similar one in detail for I2a2? And are any of the tree branches the GAC ancient DNA samples from Mathieson ,2017/2018? Which were I2a2 I believe?
    Plus are any of the twigs on your I2a1 tree and migration ancient DNA samples?
    I have this old tree for I2:

    Ancient DNA samples usually belong to the extinct branches. One Motala sample and Loschbour belog to M423>Y3104. Some Scotland Neolithic samples belong to L161. I think that one ancient sample from Portugal belong to L621. Some Spain Chalcolithic, Hungary Medieval Szolad, Scotland N and BA, Beaker, CWC, even Yamnaya, Ukraine Neolithic.... samples belong to I2a2.
    Paper Trail MyHeritage K36 G25 Mod. FTDNA
    NW Croatian 87.5%
    Slovenian 6.25%
    Unknown 6.25%
    E. Europe 35.7%
    Balkan 34.4%
    Scandinavia 21.2%
    Baltic 8.7%
    Grenzmark 0.94
    Czechs 0.93,
    Hungary 0.91
    Volhyn 0.91,
    C. Rusyns 0.91
    Slovenia 0.91
    Czech 1.79
    Hungarian 2.02
    Slovenian 2.07
    Croatian 2.39
    Ukrainian 3.01
    East Europe 99%
    Trace 1%

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