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Thread: Could Western Jews (Ash. and Seph.) descend from Aegeans and Levantine admixture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hartaisarlag View Post
    And what’s the evidence for a possible Romaniote substrate? Thanks.
    At least according to those brief overviews it doesn't seem that the local Romaniote population would have made a substantial contribution. There is probably a Romaniote component among Rhodes Sephardim, but rather than being specific to Rhodes, I think it's most likely the same Romaniote component you would find among other Eastern Sephardim, since the island's Jewish population was basically replaced in the sixteenth century by settlers from elsewhere in Greece and Turkey, plus some newly arrived conversos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by passenger View Post
    According to the Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World:

    The Encyclopedia's entry on Rhodes is written by Marc Angel, who lists the following sources:

    Also, you have this page, which gives some more detail:
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