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Thread: GPS Origins Ashkenazi Results

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    GPS Origins Ashkenazi Results

    GPS Origins is the technology that Eran Elhaik's famously used to "prove" that Ashkenazi Jews originate in Northeast Turkey.

    The company HomeDNA acquired it for their own commercial use about a year or two ago. While the actual test is ridiculously overpriced ($200), they do offer an autosomal transfer for only $40. I decided to do it just to see what I would get, though I used my mom's data instead of my own because she's a fairly typical Western Ashkenazi while I'm more mixed East/West.

    Not surprisingly, the results in no way confirmed Elhaik's theories and instead (somewhat surprisingly) reflected our actual regional average. Basically, the results give you two ancestral migration "routes" and "gene pool %s". The latter didn't make much sense unless they're to be read as very ancient (like K12 or K14 on Geneplaza), and even then they're questionable.

    Here are my mom's migration routes:

    It's kind of funny because this isn't that far from many of our GEDMatch Oracle results that give me and her 35-45% Iberian and 55-65% Lebanese. When you click on each marker on the map, it gives you a description of the history of the region when your ancestor may have migrated there.

    For the stops on "Migration Route A" (red), they write:
    1. Your ancestors came from Libya prior to 1337 AD.
    2. At some point before 1337 AD your ancestors moved to Egypt.
    3. At some point after 1337 AD your ancestors moved to Israel and Palestine.
    Your DNA journey came here between 1337 AD - 1486 AD

    For the stops on "Migration Route B" (blue), they write:
    1. Your ancestors came from around France prior to 262 BC.
    2. At some point before 262 BC your ancestors moved to Spain.
    3. At some point before 262 BC your ancestors moved to Spain. (Same as 2)
    Your DNA journey came here between 262 BC - 983 AD

    Obviously, this is all very generic and mostly useless information since it barely reflects my mom's actual ancestors' migrations.

    Here are her puzzling "Gene Pool %s:"
    #1 Fennoscandia 12.3%

    Origin: Peaks in the Iceland and Norway and declines in Finland, England, and France
    #2 Western Siberia 12.3%

    Origin: Peaks in Krasnoyarsk Krai and declines towards east Russia
    #3 Basque Country 10.8%

    Origin: Peaks in France and Spain Basque regions and declines in Spain, France, and Germany
    #4 Sardinia 10.7%

    Origin: Peaks in Sardinia and declines in weaker in Italy, Greece, Albania, and The Balkans
    #5 Southeastern India 10.1%

    Origin: Endemic to south eastern india with residues in Pakistan
    #6 Arabia 8.3%

    Origin: Peaks in Saudi Arabia and Yemen and declines in Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt
    #7 Southern France 7.8%

    Origin: Peaks in south France and declines in north France, England, Orkney islands, and Scandinavia
    #8 Orkney Islands 7.8%

    Origin: Peaks in the Orkney islands and declines in England, France, Germany, Belarus, and Poland
    #9 Tuva 6.9%

    Origin: Peaks in south Siberia (Russians: Tuvinian) and declines in North Mongolia
    #10 The Southern Levant 5.6%

    Origin: This gene pool is localized to Israel with residues in Syria
    #11 Northwestern Africa 5.2%

    Origin: Peaks in Algeria and declines in Morocco and Tunisia
    #12 Northern India 1.6%

    Origin: Peaks in North India (Dharkars, Kanjars) and declines in Pakistan
    #13 West Africa 0.7%

    Origin: Peaks in Senegal and Gambia and declines in Algeria and Morocco

    In the reviews on the website, there was a Palestinian who shared her results. In Elhaik's study, he depicted Palestinians as all clustering neatly in the southern Levant. Not surprisingly, the Palestinian's results make no sense either.

    Here are her results:

    GPS palestinian 3.jpg GPS palestinian 1.jpg GPS palestinian 2.jpg

    I wouldn't expect anybody on this forum to take these results seriously, but I thought it was interesting, kind of funny, and worth sharing.
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