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Thread: My commercial aDNA results comparatively

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    Youngstown, Ohio
    NW European
    United States
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b-L21 (DF21, L720)
    mtDNA (M)

    England Scotland Germany Palatinate France-Ile-de-France England North of England

    My commercial aDNA results comparatively

    Autosomal results


    British & Irish 48.7% (four dots UK and one Irish, with no other sub-populations estimated down the list)
    French & German 13.2%
    Scandinavian 3.2%
    Iberian 1.5%
    Italian 0.5%
    Broadly Northwestern European 30.5%
    Broadly Southern European 0.3%
    Broadly European 1.9%
    Broadly Western Asian & North African 0.2%
    East African 0.1%

    Living DNA (Standard Setting)

    Great Britain and Ireland 69.6%
    Northwest England 13.1%
    Central England 12.6%
    South Yorkshire 10%
    South England 7.2%
    Northwest Scotland 6.5%
    Devon 6.2%
    Lincolnshire 4.4%
    South Wales 3.2%
    East Anglia 2.2%
    South Central England 1.9%
    South Wales Border 1.3%
    Great Britain and Ireland (unassigned) 1.1%

    Europe (North and West) 15.3%
    Scandinavia 9.8%
    Germanic 3.1%
    France 2.4%

    Europe (South) 11.6%
    Iberian Peninsula 6.1%
    Tuscany 5.5%

    Europe (unassigned) 1.9%

    World (unassigned) 1.5%

    Ancestry DNA

    Europe West 50%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 19%
    Great Britain 19%
    Scandinavia 5%
    Europe South 3%
    Finland/Northwest Russia 2%
    Europe East 1%
    Iberian Peninsula 1%

    FTDNA way off in left field

    West and Central Europe 43%
    British Isles 34%
    East Europe 14% ????????
    Scandinavia 5%
    East Middle East < 1%
    Iberia < 2%
    Oceania < 1% whatever.....
    West Middle East < 1%
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    Chicago, Illinois
    mixed European
    Y-DNA (P)
    Dad: R1b/L21/DF63
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    United States of America England Wales Sweden Germany
    FTDNA loves Europe East, or at least calls Europe East something that no one else does.

    My sister and I get 85% British Isles, 13% Europe East on FTDNA, and none elsewhere, except that my sister gets <1% Finland/NW Russia on Ancestry and I get 3.7% Mordovian on LivingDNA (which becomes general Europe in Cautious mode).

    We both do have about 12.5% Swedish and some German, so I think it's stripping out whatever looks like British Isles and combining it with that result, and then is left with unexplained Baltic and East Med type results so it looks more eastern. But who knows.

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