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Thread: Update on possible Jewish ancestry

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    Update on possible Jewish ancestry

    Iíve linked myself to an Italian Jewish family who also share the same segments of my X chromosome with two Irish Jews I match. We all match in same area of the X and Iíve noticed I cluster with several AJs on chromosome 20 between position 50 million and 57 million. Iíve used Chromosome painting the section is painted light green Ashkenazi and dark Green East med. I also have two of those AJs on my X. Does this point to Jewish ancestry even though ancestry failed to show (European Jewish)? Iíve numerous Jewish matches on ancestry as I said in original post. 14 of my distant Cousins on ancestry are 90% to 100% Jewish.
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    As you have many Jewish matches, I think it could point to some Jewish ancestry, indeed. Sometimes the ancestry reports won't show something, and there are many reasons for that.
    Y-DNA: I2a2 > I2a2a (M223) > Y4450 > CTS616 > Y3721 > Y3670 > L1229 > Z2069 > Z2059 > FT14643 > FT20170 - Sabino Mathozo, b. abt 1880 (ParanaguŠ, Brazil)
    Y-DNA (mother's paternal): R-M269 > U152 > Z36 > BY1328 > A7992 - Napoleon Maximiliano Galon, b. abt 1870 (Northern Italy, Treviso, Lombardy)

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