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Thread: Interpreting my mom's results? (Bengali Brahmin)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnb123 View Post
    S Indian component is representative of South Indian tribals, so their Iran_N as well as AASI is factored in this calculator. Compare BMAC to Ganj Dareh, you’re going to find it has elevated Caucasian, which probably shows more input from CHG and Barcin_N population. I just looked at Harappa spreadsheet and Georgians have 1-2% Med lol, so all their Barcin is captured in Caucasian component. Med and SW Asian is also there in Iberomaurisians.
    Yes, the problem is it works backward from modern groups to ancient ones, which distorts the picture. Also gedmatch forces you into the set components when those ones may not necessarily even apply, no different from using one of those shitty calculators like DNAportal K7 that has no AASI/South Indian component and we end up getting a ton of SE Asian+Oceanian instead.

    There was some guy here who was separating out the South Indian component into east vs. west Eurasian components, I forgot how he did it but if he could do it with the two ancients it'd be quite revealing.
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    maybe this was covered earlier but Gonur and Dzharkutan have so much caucasian. It makes sense why they work well for nw folks but why do they give good fits for interior indians? Most barely get like 7-8% max caucasus in the region outside of some muslim admixed communities.

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