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Thread: Next trait proving that "Turks" are an IE "side product".

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    Exclamation Next trace proving that "Turks" are an IE "side product".

    Xiongnu rulers were R1 also.

    So lets summarize:

    • Arpads - R1.
    • Ottomans - R1.
    • Xiongnu - R1.
    • Borjigins (Gengisids) - R1 (most probably).
    • Ashina clan - R1.

    • Firts Turkuts (Göktürks) - had IE named rulers, used IE script and court language, aso.
    • The name "Turk" has possible IE etymology also.
    • Legendary Tur, the eponim of Turan, was a brother of eponims of Iran and Sarmatia.
    • Muslim medieval chroniclers did trace them back to IE forefather.
    • Turks did absorbed all steppe IEs, mainly Tocharians and Scythians, but also others, from which they did get eurofeatures.
    • Today, 1/3 of them still is R1.
    • In some sources names Scyth and Turk are interchangeable.

    So, the only thing which made them different is weird language.
    They could speak scythian, tokharian or sogdian, and the present
    situation would be exactly the same as it is.
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