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Thread: Search issues the last 2 days

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    Search issues the last 2 days

    What is wrong with Ancestry's search functionality? I can't be the only one noticing a big difference. When I do a search now that I did just a few days ago, the results are now much less extensive. Sometimes, I get 0 matching records from a search that a few days ago produced dozens of records. Any reason for this change?

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    I just noticed that when I do a search, the only record collection that comes back with results is the photos collection... This has, essentially , made Ancestry pretty useless, at least for me.

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    Yeah, their searching is terrible lately.

    There are other weird things going on too, like I added some new records and had to tell them "not a new person" for other people appearing in the same record that were obviously the same as people in my tree already. That didn't used to happen so much.
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    Hrm... Yeah. I just tried doing a search on a random person from my tree. (I don't usually use the search function on the Ancestry site, because I don't have a paid subscription. Generally, I use the search at the FamilySearch website & then copy info over.)

    But the Ancestry search just returned, at the top of the results list, a "Matching Person (from family trees)" who has neither the same surname, nor the same parents, nor the same wife, nor the same birthdate, nor the same birthplace, nor the same death date, nor the same death place. Not even close on any of that info. The only thing at all that matches between the two is that their given names are both Johann and their surnames start with G. :p
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