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Thread: Which specific areas of English DNA show as Celtic or French?

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    Which specific areas of English DNA show as Celtic or French?

    My mother is (according to paper trail) 25% English, which puts me and my sister each at about 12.5%. (She's 75% French for reference on results ) What I'm curious about is if different areas of England tend to show up as other regions in Ancestry's test. I myself seem to show pretty little, my sister shows more but hers along with my mom's show as Ireland/Scotland/Wales. I'm not sure if mine are falling into Europe West for me, but I'm curious if anyone else with known ancestry in the same parts of England has their English DNA show up somewhere else?

    My sister and I are 50% Italian from my Dad so I didn't put the rest of our results, I figured they had no bearing on this, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Europe West: 29%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales: 5%
    Great Britain: 2%

    Ireland/Scotland/Wales: 16%
    Europe West: 11%
    Great Britain: <1%

    Europe West: 48%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales: 19%
    Great Britain: 4%

    My mom's results are odd since she only shows 48% Europe West but she's got a ton of trace regions which I'm sure will disappear with the update. That aside, mine and my sister's amounts are super different, I know we probably inherited different amounts which accounts for that, but what surprises me most is the tiny amount of Great Britain for all of us. My mom's English family comes from about 50% Cambridgeshire, 25% Yorkshire, and 25% Lancashire. I wonder if the Ireland/Scotland/Wales for us is a bit like how everyone seems to get crazy amounts of Scandinavian on their results....

    I suppose I'm most interested to know if other people with English DNA with these specific areas show as something else or if this is a weird trait of AncestryDNA.
    Thoughts or anyone have something similar?

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