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Thread: Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 samples for megaplot

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    I noticed that with my Living DNA raw data I plot a bit closer to my father, while with my FTDNA raw data I plot a bit closer to my mother.

    I will give you my Living DNA results first, add me as TomLDNA (maybe later I will also post my FTDNA data K15 results, as TomFTDNA):

    TomLDNA;22.01;18.41;25.45;17.44;8.08;5.64;2.74;0;0 ;0;0;0;0;0.23;0

    North_Sea 22.01 Pct
    Atlantic 18.41 Pct
    Baltic 25.45 Pct
    Eastern_Euro 17.44 Pct
    West_Med 8.08 Pct
    West_Asian 5.64 Pct
    East_Med 2.74 Pct
    Red_Sea -
    South_Asian -
    Southeast_Asian -
    Siberian -
    Amerindian -
    Oceanian -
    Northeast_African 0.23 Pct
    Sub-Saharan -

    Thank you in advance!
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