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    Quote Originally Posted by sammymcgoff View Post
    Here's his Harappa results.

    S-Indian 53.70 Pct
    Baloch 27.41 Pct
    Caucasian 2.36 Pct
    NE-Euro 4.50 Pct
    SE-Asian 2.77 Pct
    Siberian 2.06 Pct
    NE-Asian 0.69 Pct
    Papuan 1.14 Pct
    American 0.45 Pct
    Beringian 0.05 Pct
    Mediterranean 2.71 Pct
    SW-Asian 1.80 Pct
    San -
    E-African 0.37 Pct
    Pygmy -
    W-African -
    He has a very low Baloch+Caucasian to NE Euro+Med ratio could you post his single oracle? seems eastern Gangetic to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuslimPatel123 View Post
    It didn't work much for me either, and Bharuch is pretty far from Sindh.
    That makes sense considering you are also pretty distinct from most other Gujaratis and have a prominent West Asian shift in your GEDMatch oracles, which pulls you toward groups such as Muslim Sindhis.
    I4285 I4285 1873-1661 calBCE (343025 BP, PSUAMS-2536) BMAC Sappali_Tepe_BA Sappali Tepe Uzbekistan U7a3 L1a
    I5604 I5604 1880-1697 calBCE (346520 BP, PSUAMS-2774) BMAC Bustan_BA Bustan Uzbekistan K1a1 L1a
    I6667 I6667 1497-1413 calBCE (317020 BP, PSUAMS-2998) Parkhai_LBA_o Parkhai_LBA_o Parkhai II Turkmenistan HV2a
    I6669 I6669 3082-2909 calBCE (436525 BP, PSUAMS-2950) Parkhai_EN Parkhai_EN Parkhai II Turkmenistan HV2
    I4899 I4899 1600-1300 BCE BMAC Bustan_BA Bustan Uzbekistan R0 J

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