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Thread: No british/Irish ancestors but you have % with Livingdna: post your results!

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    Breton & Maineau
    Y-DNA (P)
    R-BY145002 (DF13+)
    mtDNA (M)

    France France Bretagne

    No british/Irish ancestors but you have % with Livingdna: post your results!

    The goal is to make a correlation between the regions of the British Isles and the European continent.
    If you don't have British or Irish ancestor, but Living DNA gives you a fairly high percentage (> 10%) then please post your full results here in complete mode.

    Then, I will make a percentage of only your results from the Islands.
    Here are 4 examples:
    3 French: two from the west, and one from the east
    1 polish

    Attachment 24830
    Y haplogroup: R1b: L21 --> DF13 --> BY145002
    The oldest L21 known are I2457 et I2565 from Stonehenge (Beaker Culture, 2400-1900 BC)

    MTDNA: U4c1
    The oldest U4c1 known are "poz224", Yamnaya culture (2882-2698 BC), and 2 Bell-Beaker in Germany (Karsdorf, 2314-2042 BC)

    Paternal MTDNA: K1b2b
    The oldest K1b2 are Eastern European Mesolithic: Kunda Donkalnis5 (Lithuania), 6000 BC and Meso-Ene Lepenski Vir Lepe28 in Serbia, 5900 BC.
    The oldest K1b2b is Alt-3, Corded-Ware Germany (2500 BC)

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