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Thread: Family Tree Maker for Writing a Family History Book

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    FTM publishing solutions

    Family Tree Maker has a plugin named Family Book Creator that makes fancy books.

    Charting Companion (my own app) does Descendant charts called "DNA Matrix", that show autosomal DNA.

    I'm looking for suggestions for Y-DNA and mtDNA charts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rms2 View Post
    Has anyone used it for that purpose? Any good?

    I am probably going to start putting together a family history book very soon. Mostly it will be an update, with the addition of a lot of genetic testing results and some old family photos, of the excellent book completed in 1945 by a great grandaunt of mine and then updated in 1973 by a 1st cousin 2x removed. It will probably take me at least 2-5 years to finish.

    I've been waiting for the BIG breakthrough on my y-dna line before doing the book, but I'm starting to think maybe I should just go ahead and do it, or the book might never get done.
    Hey OP, i've been meaning to do something very similar to this aswell. However instead of a book i was planning to organize all the genealogical + genetic info i have in MediaWiki software format, since i used to edit some wikis quite a lot back in the day. The end result would be a sort of interactive, hyper-detailed family tree copying the wikipedia model so to speak.

    This project of mine is something for the long term though and i'd revise it whenever new insights or infos come in. I think it's very handy to have something like this though - There are so many amazing possibilites for the modern genealogist thanks to information technology.

    I too am waiting for some other crucial info to come in first and for things in my life to generally calm down again somewhat before i start building said genealogical database though. I also have to figure out a way to manage the family tree in a more effective manner since the yEd/Ahnenblatt workflow feels quite clunky when it comes to this

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonikW View Post
    I'd like to do the same. Sadly though, I'm almost the only one in my family with an interest. We have family portraits on one line going back hundreds of years; on others we were farm labourers, miners etc. I think I'm the only one who still remembers first hand stories from my grandparents born in the early 20th century. They include things like what my grandfather told me of his first day down the mine in Cwmbran at the age of 14 (I still remember how much coal he loaded that day) and my grandmother on the other side telling me of her grandfather speaking Welsh to a Breton onion seller and their mutual understanding. I think I'm the only person alive who remembers that stuff because I loved listening to my elders. Perhaps I'll devote my impoverished retirement to it when it comes.
    One of my remote cousins recorded his gps and ggps talking in the 70s and although it was not my direct line it was fascinating because I know the area and they were recalling the fields and farms near what us now Liverpool surburbs. Now that could be included in a wiki. That would be awesome.
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