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Thread: On the Britons and Anglo-Saxons

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    I often get the impression that historians specializing in the ancient and early Medievil period along with the opinions of some people on this board that they are not happy about the fact that there must have been some form of interation between native Britons and the lands on the other side of the North Sea prior to the Roman invasions.

    IMO it is inconceivable that there was no interations with these lands and their peoples in ancient times. Yes, I believe that these interations would have led to a few people settling down in Britain, as opposed to mass immigrations or invasions.
    I agree there must have been some contact of one kind or another in the distant past. But the evidence -- archaeological, historical and genetic -- all points to a post-Roman date for the vast majority of U106, I1 etc in Britain. That's when the Germanic floodgates opened as you know.

    Edit: trying to think of evidence of earlier contact between Britain and, say, Scandinavia. I'm thinking of the time before the Germanic languages and people were fully formed but when haplogroups existed that became core to them later. Solar ring and cup marks on rock carvings spring to mind as a possibility. Plus I now live near the Medway Neolithic megaliths, the earliest of their kind in this country, which have parallels in Scandinavia. I've visited one in Sweden. Any other ideas?
    DNA-wise, what would we be looking for? Perhaps a haplogroup or subclade where testers with a TMRCA after 3,000 to 4,000 ybp are mainly of British descent while those upstream are continental. Any contenders?
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