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Thread: Florida Family Finds $1M in Treasure From Sunken Spanish Armada

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    Florida Family Finds $1M in Treasure From Sunken Spanish Armada

    Holy cow this is big

    A family of underwater treasure scavengers have once again struck gold off the coast of Florida, recovering more than $1million in precious artifacts from the wreckage of a 1715 Spanish fleet that sank in the Atlantic.
    Eric Schmitt, 27, who professionally hunts for treasure with his relatives off their salvage vessel Aarrr Booty, found and brought to the surface the pieces off Fort Pierce in June.
    The impressive haul included 51 gold coins of various denominations and 40 feet of ornate gold chain.

    Brent Brisben, whose company, 1715 Fleet - Queens Jewels LLC, owns the rights to the wreckage, said he timed the announcement to coincide with Friday's 300th anniversary of the sinking of 11 of 12 galleons brought down by a hurricane off the coast of Florida as the convoy was sailing from Havana to Spain.
    As many as 1,000 lives were lost in the maritime disaster that struck July 31, 1715.

    The small fleet, under the command of Capitan-General Don Juan Esteban de Ubilla and his flagship, the Capitana, were carrying 3.5million pesos in gold and jewelry, including the property of the Queen of Spain.
    Eric Schmitt found the artifacts in 15 feet of water off Fort Pierce, approximately 130 miles north of Miami.
    The Spanish convoy's manifests indicated the ships carried cargo valued today at about $400million, of which $175million has been recovered, Brisben said.
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    Inb4 another court battle between the treasure hunters and Spain.

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