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Thread: V13 updates

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    V13 updates

    There is not a lot of news on V13 on the forum here, compared to some other groups. That is mostly because there is a dedicated external E-M35 board where a lot is posted. Since it might be of interest to people here also I'll try to post important updates here also.

    As for recent developments: A while ago a second important subgroup of V13 has been discovered, next to CTS5856: PH1246. Already a lot of people have tested positive for it, including a lot of Balkan samples.
    Very recently a sisterclade of V13 was discovered, for the moment it contains a Saudi and a Sardinian (apart from them also a few L618* are known)

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    The recent Behar study on Ashkenazi Jews ( contained 4 V13+ results. A Turkish Jew was CTS5856*, two Druze were S7461+ where they will form a clade with another Druze from our FTDNA-project. The TMRCA for these three Druze will be about 1300-1200 years ago. The fourth result was L241+, and defines a new subclade with a member from our FTDNA-project, this L241 Ashkenazi clade was known to exist, but had no marker yet.

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    FTDNA has added a new level beneath CTS5856, BY4877, which groups all branches except Z16663. I did a quick check and this grouping seems correct.
    With that there are no more CTS5856*, but there are two BY4877*, Italian according to FTDNA.

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