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Thread: Armenian Coming up as Turkish on 23 and Me report

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    Armenian Coming up as Turkish on 23 and Me report

    Hi I am a new user; sorry if I am not posting in the right spot.

    I know that I am Armenian, but my 23andMe results are coming up as wholly Turkish, and not showing any Armenian. Is there a good reason for this?
    I understand that one of my great grandparents did come from what is now modern day Turkey (she was a genocide survivor, but please I don;t want this thread to devolve into a debate about that); but I also know that another one came to the US directly from Yerevan, so I would really expect to see at least some Armenian match. I am confused! Any ideas?

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    try uploading your data to Gedmatch. Maybe do a transfer to My Heritage and see some other opinions. Also look at your matches and compare their results to yours.

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    I assume that in Ancestry Composition, under "Western Asian & North African," it only says Turkish and not Armenian for you. How about when you click the "Scientific Details" tab in Ancestry Composition and look at the recent ancestor locations listed under "Your Results for All 153 Tested Populations"? For example, I'm half-Armenian and get 5 dots for Armenia and 3 for Turkey. And as digital_noise wrote, see who you actually match on 23andMe and also try Gedmatch. At Family Tree DNA (where there is an Armenian DNA Project) the matching category is simply "Asia Minor," including Turkey and Armenia; similarly has a region called "Turkey and the Caucasus." The category at MyHeritage is West Asian, which also includes Iran.

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    Dont take 23andme's ancestry compostion as a indication of your background. I am Kurd from Turkey and I also come out 95% Turkey. This is because 23andme looks at your relatives location for past 200 years rather then some admixture breakdown.

    Go to Gedmatch and use the Admixture calculators

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    Those are good points from StarDS9, but 23andMe does specifically say "Armenia" in the Ancestry Composition report for even people it reports as being 9% Armenian, etc. (in reality, such people might be a quarter or even half Armenian if 23andMe hasn't phased their results against an appropriate family member). I just checked a bunch of Armenian or part-Armenian matches I have that share their 23andMe Ancestry Reports with me. So that's why I'm a bit puzzled by megand's results--but maybe it's just because 23andMe doesn't have Armenian DNA samples that match megand.

    23andMe does not presently separate out Kurds in its references against which customers are matched--here's what they have: "West Asian (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Cypriot, Georgian, Druze, Iranian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian)." And the report with up to 5 dots for each population goes by country (so for this group, it omits the Druze). Think of all the various ethnic groups that 23andMe might be sweeping up under some of those country designations.

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    You should share your whole results. You may also upload your rawdata into genesis gedmatch.

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