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Thread: Late Gupta era admixture in Western India

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    Late Gupta era admixture in Western India

    Late Gupta era admixture of ruling clans during 4th & 5th century with the Hun & their followers influenced mtDNA of many people. This is shown in the elevated Scythian Siberian & Tibet component in many castes.

    Samudragupta, a hero of hundred battles by virtue of his military genius, statesmanship and personal prowess built up an empire which was both a source of terror and strength to the frontier Kings. The Kushana Kings referred to as Daivaputra-Shahi shanushahi of the north-west and Afghanistan sought to win the great favour of the great emperor Samudragupta giving personal attendance to his Court, entering into matrimonial alliance with his family and soliciting imperial charters confirming them in the enjoyment of their terri*tories. It is obvious that the Saka chiefs of north-west held a sort of a subordinate position to the emperor and probably sought his help for the Sassanian invasion as also to tide over economic crisis.

    Eran inscription of Samudragupta’s time contains record of Samudragupta’s power and achievements. Bhitari inscrip*tion of Skandagupta mentions his fight with the Huns and the Pushyamitras. This inscription also records the exploits of Samudragupta. His*torians have regarded Skandagupta one of the greatest if not the greatest of the great Gupta Emperors. He alone had the honour of defeating the Huns, three lakhs of whom attacked India, and saving India from the menace for almost half a century to follow.

    Other kingdoms of this era such as Kalachuri also had similar situation. According to Kalachuri inscriptions, King Karna (389-419 CE) married a Huna princess named Avalla Devi.
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