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Thread: Ethnic history of the Eastern Slavs

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    Hi ,

    Just stopping by because my Grandfather was Rusyn/Ruthenian from Zakarpattia Oblast with his mother being from Podhajce (Galicia at the time I believe) and my Great Grandfather being from the Uzhod (spelling?) region . I think we apply to the example of marrying as these places had different boundaries late 1800's to the the 1900's.(obviously as you all are discussing lol) Here is my GED match if is helpful! (Keep in mind my father is from Croatia so try to ignore that part and my Mother's Mother is British)

    For some reason I couldn't insert the images but they are attached to this post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomenable View Post
    Something interesting:

    Based on G25, Ukrainians are closer to Poles than they are to Russians and Belarusians, what explanations do you suggest guys?:

    Distances of West Slavs to other Slavic groups:


    For comparison distances of Macedonians:
    ("where South Slavs end" is visible here)


    And here my distances to G25 populations:

    Colours added for:

    Red = Slavic-speaking
    Blue = Baltic-speaking*
    Yellow = Germanic-speaking
    Violet = Finno-Ugric-speaking
    Green = British/Irish/Breton
    Pink = Romance-speaking

    *Lithuanian_PA is Vilnius Region in the south.

    Russian Pinega is 66th or 74th respectively.
    Ukrainians came from Poland sometime in Russian Imperial times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsarsamuil View Post
    Ukrainians came from Poland sometime in Russian Imperial times.
    Do you have any sources or evidences for that? Ukrainians cluster with medieval samples from Ukraine like that from Lutsk and Chernigov and also with medieval samples from Russia like that from Sunghir (the sample was Ukrainian/Belarusian/Polish-like). There was mixing with Poles and even with Germans in many cases but by far most ancestry is from local East Slavic groups and many if not most Ukrainians don't show even that kind of recent western admix (The Ukrainian Global25 samples are mainly from the northwestern part of the country). Also the distance of the Ukrainian AVG is only very slightly closer to Poles than to South Russian and considering some of these South Russians have significant Finno-Ugrian ancestry Russians with very low Finno-Ugrian ancestry will be closer than the regional averages (Many Russians also have recent Ukrainian or Polish ancestry)

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