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Thread: Balkan results?

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    Balkan results?

    23andme reports 49% Balkan, 18% Italian, 16% West Asian, etc.
    We have no knowledge of Italian ancestors. Parents are Turkish from Macedonia region in Greece and Aegean region in Turkey.
    Is 18% Italian reported by 23andme true?

    23andme summary.png

    Dodecad K12b
    Gedrosia 9.08
    Siberian 1.96
    Northwest_African 1.79
    Southeast_Asian 0.77
    Atlantic_Med 21.37
    North_European 24.29
    South_Asian 2.04
    East_African 0
    Southwest_Asian 6.35
    East_Asian 1.48
    Caucasus 30.87
    Sub_Saharan 0

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    Just did a spot check; Italian appears across many Balkan populations; this is what I see (info. from DNA Relatives, not from other individuals' postings): as far as I can tell Romanians reliably get the combination Balkan/Italian/Broadly South European, with Balkan predominating; so do Bulgarians. In addition, Bulgarians can get some West Asian. Greeks get the same combination, but the Italian seems to be a bit higher than for Romanians and Bulgarians and they tend to get more West Asian. Serbs and Croats don't seem to get Italian (but I have to admit that I haven't seen many samples of Serbs and Croats.)
    "Real" Italians seem to get very high scores in the Italian category (50%+).
    Perhaps other people are seeing different patterns among their DNA Relatives.
    In my opinion, for people with ancestry from the Balkans, the Italian in 23andme is just picking up southeastern European ancestry.
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