I've been trying to help my mom find out about her adoption information, her past in order to get answers to her memories. I have found it helpful to research the adoptive family's family tree and genealogy. I am going through possible relatives who may have been involved with my mom's adoption. For the past few days, my mom has been wishing to know about her story but no one is willing to give us any information. I feel really bad for my mom and I myself have felt depressed over the situation. I want to know more about my own ancestry.

I have found a John Christopher Drumgoole who founded an adoption agency for orphaned children. I am still going through the Drumgoole genealogy and relatives. I haven't been able to find information related to my mom. I have found it helpful to study the adoptive family's family history though.

This is why my mom and I have been wanting help with our search. I have been trying to find the family from my mom's description. She told me she has lived in Russia and perhaps the Middle East. I feel both regions are significant. The family was wealthy and so if I could at least get some help with wealthy families in Russia, the Middle East or anywhere else, the family's genealogy to pinpoint the people she remembers. I am trying to find anyone who has some details like a Catholic hospital, a prison and other stuff like that.

I started a blog sharing our story too. My mom has been wanting help from anyone who may have information on her real family and how she fits into their genealogy, family tree.