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Thread: Viking ship discovered in Norway

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    Viking ship discovered in Norway

    Viking ship discovered in Norway
    October 17, 2018 - 06:00

    ..along with a large number of burial mounds and longhouses in Østfold County. The new finds were detected using georadar.

    With a nice little video at the bottom.
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    Discovered by georadar, yes, but excavation awaits decsions on conservation, exhibition and funding .

    Leaving it in the ground for a few more years is one non-destructive option, the current Viking ships were conserved a century ago -with an inadequate method and they are awaiting new conservation process + a new building.

    Another ship would need an enlarged building -assuming that the ships need to be colocated with the Oslo Universitys expertise in looking after and presenting them. Finally, not even the new building for the existing ships is on the current budget for 2019 . The wealth of new knowledge to be gained by a modern excavation (for example DNA and spectroscopic analysis and provenance determination of metals & hence pinpointing trade partners and supply chains) would need a larger scientific team avalable than the current staff.


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