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Thread: Free Whole Genome Sequence

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    On DebbieK blog, link shared at Dante Labs WGS thread I found explanation and link to an article about Nebula Genomics.
    Name of the article: Offering free DNA sequencing, Nebula Genomics opens for business. But there’s an itsy-bitsy catch
    They are going to provide a low coverage 0.4X WGS at $99 and plan to extend an offer for 30x soon.
    For 0.4x WGS Nebula Genomics said that they will provide some ancestry report, I have emailed them with a question about details.
    As I am informed, 15x coverage is a minimum for ancestry purposes, maybe I am wrong?

    When you go to the website there are two options $99 WGS and "Get started" to match you with researches and to get free WGS.
    I chose the second options.
    When you make an account they give you tree options:
    1. to allow access to raw data to everyone - this give maximum points;
    2. researcher should request access and you can reject or allow;
    3. no access at all.

    About points
    For making account and basic survey 50 points
    There are 10 more surveys with question about welness, life habits, illnesses etc. For every completed short survay you get 50 point, all ten 500 points.
    If you upload health data from Ancestry or 23andme 100 points.
    There is a link to invite people, for every new account you get 100 points.

    When you make a sum of 1000 points you can order 0.4WGS for free.

    Here is about their plan from article:

    Nebula hopes the sequence data it generates for all customers, plus the health and other information it collects from some, will support all sorts of studies by pharma, biotech, and academic researchers. Those researchers will pay Nebula for access to data, all of it anonymized, much as GlaxoSmithKline is paying 23andMe $300 million for access to its customers’ data, hoping to find in it leads for new drugs.
    So it is a reason why they provide free WGS.

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    Does anyone here got Nebula free kit delivered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabemattos View Post
    Does anyone here got Nebula free kit delivered?
    I got it, sent it back and they received it about three weeks ago. Sequencing should take eight weeks or that is what the email said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianz91 View Post
    What is the difference between a whole genome sequence test and an ancestry only type of test? Does the full genome sequencing go deeper into your ancestry?
    The typical ancestry test offered by 23&Me, FTDNA, etc... all share a common approach of using one of Illumina's population screen panels. These target a half million or more locations on the genome where variation is known to occur.

    The WGS approach is different in that your entire genome is broken up into fragments a few hundred bases long. Fragments are sequenced in full until some threshold is reached e.g. 90 Gbases for a 30x WGS test. Software then determines where the sequenced fragments belong on a still largely incomplete reference in a phase called alignment. After alignment a large portion of the reads will be assigned to their home on the 3 billion locations in our genome. From here you can simply look at the same locations used in the chip-based tests offered by the other companies or really start to dig in looking for new variations from the reference like we do with the Y-DNA.

    In theory WGS testers don't need to test again, since as new points of comparison are added you can simply look them up. In practice though the 150-base pair reads common in these tests is not long enough to deal with complex DNA structures. There are even newer technologies that can achieve 30,000-base pair reads but they are still in the $10k range for a test.

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