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Thread: Unusual Events (Nov 17th 2018) & Advance Host Migration Notice (Nov 18th 2018)

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    Unusual Events (Nov 17th 2018) & Advance Host Migration Notice (Nov 18th 2018)

    Dear Members,

    Evidently, we need to provide our community with a full explanation regarding the intermittent outages and the Dr. Strange-style (or as MikeWhalen said, "Back to the Future") time warp to October 25th that happened yesterday.

    As many of you know, we've been dealing with a very annoying security error over the past week (thread 1, thread 2). The single cause of this error remains the same (our SSL certificate renewed and doesn't want to extend itself across all subdomains). We have been liaising with our hosts regarding this over the past week. Their solutions have been superficial and nothing beyond what I've been attempting behind the scenes. There also hasn't been any clear explanation regarding what the problem is.

    This was the story up until around 5pm GMT yesterday. I returned home at midnight to find that someone at our host's end made the (bizarre) decision to point our domain back to our old server. From an administrative end, that meant logins no longer worked and regular messages warning us of bandwidth issues returned. From your end, we'd magically reverted back to October 25th 2018 (Error 500 messages inclusive).
    I immediately pointed our domain back to our new server. However, due to DNS propagation, it means the forum won't be accessible to many of our regulars up to Monday night.

    Two of us have independently contacted our hosts for an explanation (I called them directly after midnight). The conversations were completely unsatisfactory (no explanations or apologies offered, only a pledge to "escalate" after we submit a written report). Said report was submitted and we received a similarly unsatisfactory answer (our host has "confirmed" the domain is now pointing to the new server and that's it - No surprises, I'm the one who bloody pointed it). No explanation of the underlying problem, no admittance of fault for the server misconfiguration, no apology. Not good enough.

    Two outcomes have emerged following the above:

    1) We will be moving hosts - The two admins responsible for technical decisions are in complete agreement that the service we've received since migrating servers has become sub-standard, with the failure to provide a permanent solution, an acknowledgement of fault or an apology for the needless disruption of our service yesterday being our three points of discontent.

    2) You need to be better-informed - While we always announce all anticipated changes or issues ahead of time to you, there isn't a mechanism for us to communicate more information regarding unexpected (or prolonged) downtime. Our experience over the past few weeks has made it abundantly clear that such a mechanism is required. As such, we have created a Twitter account to provide external contact (please Bookmark for future reference):

    Link to the Anthrogenica Twitter account

    Should reassurance be needed, we perform a weekly full site back-up and have an offline storage arrangement, near-guaranteeing the site is not going anywhere and our over six years of cumulative data won't disappear.

    All of you no doubt share our frustration. Rest assured we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure Anthrogenica remains disruption-free moving forwards.

    Thank you for your time.
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