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Thread: L371 S300 in Wales; locations and origins

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    mtDNA (M)
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    R1b L21+ L371+
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    L371 S300 in Wales; locations and origins

    My maternal grandfather's Y line was R1b L371 > BY11922.
    It seems there are a wide range of Welsh L371 surnames including Williams, Evans, Thomas, Davis, Roberts, Rhys and Pugh.
    I've traced my Jones L371 line to Llanvair Discoed (formerly Llanfair Isgoed) in Monmouthshire, South Wales, shortly before 1750.
    Does anyone else have info on where their L371+ family came from, whether in Wales or elsewhere?
    Living DNA's former Cautious mode:
    Wales-related ancestry: 86.8%
    Cornwall: 8%
    North England-related ancestry: 5.2%
    Y line: Peak District, England. Closest matches: Sweden; TMRCA 1,300 ybp (YFull);
    mtDNA: traces to Glamorgan, Wales
    Mother's Y: traces to Llanvair Discoed, Wales

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