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Thread: (Botai - N*) + horse = R1

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    (Botai - N*) + horse = R1

    As it could be expected, among the Botai people,
    (regardless who they were, and what language
    they spake) some Indoeuropeans lived among
    them indeed - so, the conection between the
    Indoeuropeans and horses seems to be much
    stronger as it was previously thought, and it
    can be suspected, that it was R1-people who
    brought the horse domestication to the Botais
    not otherwise (if Botais were not originally some
    part of the IE spectrum themselves).

    Indoeuropeans among Botais.png

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    Botai people domesticated a different type of horse than the Eneolithic groups west of the Urals.

    And then the Botai people and their horses were replaced by these more western steppe groups. See here plus the comments...

    So there were at least two horse domestication centers, and the Botai center had nothing to do with modern domesticated horses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Generalissimo View Post
    Botai people domesticated a different type of horse
    It doesn't matter, as people and skills are more important.
    If you can breed cows, then in whatever new territiory you
    will find yourself you will be able to breed local cows too.
    Similarly with other animals.

    Just let's assume, that there were some original Botai people.
    Even N*. Then some R1(b)people, who did know how to catch
    and raised a horse came to the village. They found wild horses
    in neighbouring forest and logically made a good use from their
    knowledge, making a "second" domestication. Later this culture
    perished and with her these "secondary" domesticated horses.
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