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Thread: Which paper are you most looking forward to?

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    OMG YES! Can you give more informations about it?

    This one

    Genetic transition in the Swiss Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age

    A. Furtwängler1, E. Reiter1, G. U. Neumann1, I. Siebke2, N. Steuri3, J. Wahl4,5, J. Hald6, A. Denaire7, B. Schnitzler8V. J. Schuenemann1,9,10, P. Stockhammer11,12, A. Hafner3,13, S. Lösch2, S. Schiffels12, J. Krause1,10,12

    Major genetic turnovers in European populations marked the beginning as well as final stages of the Neolithic period as shown by recent studies. The transition from hunter-gatherers to agriculturalists and farmers in the 6th millennium BCE coincided with a human migration from the Near East. A second migration into Central Europe occurred originating from the Pontic steppe in the 3rd millennium BCE and was linked to the spread of the Corded Ware Culture which ranged as far southwest as modern day Western Switzerland. These genetic processes are well studied, for example for the Middle-Elbe-Saale region in Eastern Germany, however, little is known from the regions that connect Central and Southern Europe.
    In this study, we investigate genome-wide data from 97 individuals from the Swiss Plateau, Southern Germany and the Alsace Region in France that span the transition from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age (5500 to 4000 BP). Our results show a similar genetic process as reported for the Middle-Elbe-Saale region suggesting that the migration from the Pontic steppe reached all the way into the Swiss Plateau. However, our evidence suggests that the onset of that transition may have started even earlierin Switzerland compared to the Middle-Elbe-Saale region.
    The existence of core families within multiple burials, the determination and quantification of different ancestry components and the evaluation of a migration route taken by the ancestors of the Late Neolithic populations in this region were analysed.
    Our data represent the first comprehensive genome wide dataset from Neolithic individuals from the Swiss Plateau and provide the first insights into the genetic history of this region.

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