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Thread: Big Difference in cMs Reported

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    Dad: I1-P109

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    Quote Originally Posted by C J Wyatt III View Post
    Is the match's kit on GEDmatch? If you look at the comparison between the match's kit and you dad's in the area of your matching segments using full resolution, I bet you will see how your match grew bigger than your Mom's.
    Not as far as I can tell, he isn't. And he's the sort of Ancestry customer that only has 9 people on his tree.
    Ancestry paper trail tally: 21.1% Colonial American (British Isles, German, Dutch, Swiss, French), 14.1% not traced past 19th Century United States (MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA), 7.8% Canadian (Ontario & Quebec), 40.6% German, 15.6% Czech, 0.8% British & Irish

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