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Thread: Ancestry new calculator not good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nino90 View Post
    Haha! Yeah. But all the big commercial companies does that.
    Best results I got is when I uploaded my 23andme V5 chip to LivingDNA and got 20% Tuscan and 17.9% Germanic(Central Europe).
    It's like they have a big issue with sorting out mixed Europeans correct.
    when I had an ancestry account it showed me (and a 1st cousin) at 13% Italian, which we both thought was a little on the low side. then I read that ancestry used 72% as their measure of full Italian, meaning that 13% was about 1/4, which we both later on thought was a little high because we later found out that our grandmother's parents were full and half Italian, making her about 3/4. GEDmatch has various calculators and sub-models and they vary for me as they do for you and I think this is because we are both regional mixed with minor Italian and majority North or Northwest European groups. The new GEDmatch Genesis algorithm has yet to launch but I eagerly await to see what it deciphers my raw data as.... the bottom line is we know the base of our ethnicities, and its only the finer points that are variable. I use to think my great grandfather (born and raised in Calabria) was part Albanian because I would get Albanian as my southern Oracle 4 group with some models. His home town is in an area with considerable Arbereshe (Albanian-Italian) ethnic groups.... I now know that this was just that particular calculator model trying to figure out how to place my ethnicities because they were not cookie cutter percentages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msmarjoribanks View Post
    Do you have research indicating that you have ancestry in those areas?

    I get matches in Finland and Norway at MyHeritage, even surprisingly high matches, but they aren't real in that they don't match either of my parents.
    I have many lines traced back 400-500 years with no indication of ancestries in these specific regions; however, like most genealogists, some of my lines end abruptly much earlier. Still, many "countries" of origin in my tree include time periods sweeping south and east into the Balkans: Bohemia, Austrian Empire, etc.

    Also, I agree MyHeritage has some pretty interesting matches. I tend to trust other services more.
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